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Better Gas Mileage

Using Amsoil will result in better gas mileage for your vehicle.
My personal experience is proof. I changed my oil recently using
Amsoil and replaced a very popular brand of motor oil. I can see
an increase in gas mileage of about a mile to the gallon. That's
in my 2014 F-150 with a 3.7L V6 engine. The average person drives
12,000 miles in a year. At an average of 18 miles per gallon that's
around 670 gallons of gasoline. So in about a year, I'll get 670
extra miles from my fuel consumption. Again, using 18 miles per
gallon, that equates to a savings of 37 gallons of gasoline. At
$3 per gallon that's $111. More than enough to pay for your oil
change. Plus, Amsoil will extend you engine life saving you countless
thousands of dollars.

Extended Oil Life

Amsoil is specially formulated to be exactly what your engine needs.
It is not the best we can get by starting with cude oil. Crude has
many contaminants and it can be made better by being heavily refined
they still will not be the best. Amsoil on the other hand is designed
to reduce friction and last longer. Hence, you can extend your drain

Why Amsoil is Better Than Conventional Oil

Save Money With Amsoil

Amsoil Is More Friendly To The Environment

Full Line of Lubricants

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